Date Author Title Journal Link
20 02 2023
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16 02 2023
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10 01 2023
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29 09 2022
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Biosensors and Bioelectronics, (2022)
25 08 2022
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Chemical Engineering Journal, (2022)
27 06 2022
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Recent progress on the recovery of valuable resources from source-separated urine on-site using electrochemical technologies: A review
Chemical Engineering Journal, (2022)
08 06 2022
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Frontiers in Chemistry, (2022)
08 06 2022
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Boosting nitrate electroreduction to ammonia via in situ generated stacking faults in oxide-derived copper
Chemical Engineering Journal, (2022)
13 05 2022
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01 04 2022
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01 04 2022
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01 04 2022
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Chinese Chemical Letters, (2022)
01 04 2022
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Unexpected degradation and deiodination of diatrizoate by the Cu(II)/S(IV) system under anaerobic conditions
Water Research, (2021)
01 12 2021
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Bioresource Technology, (2021)
21 07 2021
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23 03 2021
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pH overpotential for unveiling the pH gradient effect of H+/OH- transport in electrode reaction kinetics
CCS Chemistry, (2021)
26 02 2021
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25 02 2021
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03 11 2020
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02 09 2020
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05 08 2020
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15 02 2020
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05 12 2019
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05 12 2019
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15 08 2019
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15 08 2019
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15 08 2019
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15 05 2019
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02 05 2019
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13 02 2019
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06 12 2018
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18 10 2018
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04 10 2018
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08 08 2018
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04 07 2018
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ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6 (2018) 2751-2757
14 06 2018
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04 04 2018
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31 01 2018
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11 01 2018
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11 01 2018
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